Electrical Specifications (In accordance with MIL-STD-1553B)

Transformer turns ratio (N) 1.41:1 (+/-3%)
Transformer droop < 20%
Overshoot & ringing < +/- 1v pk-pk
Common mode rejection > 55 dB at 1MHz
Fault isolation resistance (R1, R2, ...) 59.0 Ohms, 1%, 1 watt (MIL-R-39007)
Operating temperature -55°C to +125°C
Construction CRS case, tin-lead plated and painted for 100% EMI & environmental seal
Bus termination resistor 78.7 Ohms, 1%, 1 watt (MIL-R-39007)
1553B Bus Coupler Schematic (4 stub coupler)

Environmental Specifications

Random Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204, condition B, 12 hours per axis
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 213, condition I
Pull strength 12 lbs. on each cable
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, method 107, condition B, -65°C to +125°C, 10 cycles
Life MIL-STD-202, method 108, 1000 hours at 125°C (14 V pk-pk, 1 MHz sq. wave input at stub, 100% duty cycle and 78 Ohm Bus termination)
Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202, method 106
Resistance to Solvents MIL-STD-202, method 215
Altitude > 250,000 ft. operational
Thermal Vacuum 10E-5 mm Hg, operational and -90°C to +71°C
Surface Transfer Impedance 20 milli Ohms/Meter Max for single shield cable and 10 milli Ohms/Meter Max for double shield cable

Standard Models

No. of stubs Model no. Coupler body dimensions (inches) incl. Environmental jacket Wt. excl. cable (grams) Price Request
1 BC0210 0.550x0.655x0.880 20 RFQ
2 BC0220 0.550x0.655x1.800 28 RFQ
3 BC0230 0.650x0.850x2.400 32 RFQ
4 BC0240 0.650x0.850x2.400 45 RFQ
6 BC0260 0.850x1.160x2.960 75 RFQ
8 BC0280 0.850x1.160x2.960 95 RFQ
10 BC02100 0.850x1.160x2.960 120 RFQ

Available with single and dual internal bus terminations. Add -1R or -2R to the basic part number for single or dual termination.

Qualified designs available for various environmental conditions. Send your requirements to for a quick quote.